snow mountainsAccurate data is critical to making the right decision. No one knows this better than Nick Polumbus at Whitefish Mountain Resort in Montana. As the marketing and sales director at Whitefish, Nick needs to know about his customer base – both the local residents as well as destination visitors from market areas across the country.


RRC Associates has designed and administered the visitor research program at Whitefish since the 2002/03 winter season. Customer patterns, behavior, and satisfaction and more are collected in the surveys. RRC crunches the numbers on a bi-weekly basis during the season, and produces a “deep dive” into the data at the end of the winter.


The numbers provide both historical trending and industry benchmarking. Whitefish can track metrics that are difficult to measure any other way: number of days per season at Whitefish, mode of transportation from key markets, location of lodging, and satisfaction with the experience; cross-tabs reveal similarities and differences across different market segments and demographic groups.


“We use the data from the RRC surveys to help us fine-tune the biggest drivers of customer satisfaction, which RRC determines by a regression analysis. Also, we can pinpoint differences in various customer segments over time, such as which markets our family customers come from and how many days our local residents ski or snowboard.”