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RRC has been working with ski resorts and mountain towns since 1983 to overcome the challenges and seize the opportunities unique to the mountain resort economy. We created new data driven techniques that have set the standard for snowsports research and brought resort clients back to us year after year to maximize retention of existing customers and target high value prospects.


Snowsports participant research is one of RRC’s core areas of expertise. From our 35+ years of experience tracking skier and snowboarder behavior, we understand the important drivers of ski area visitation, visitor satisfaction, and likelihood to return. We take a data-driven approach to measuring your customer behavior and patterns, revealing areas of strength and weakness that help you to prioritize improvements and product offerings.

RRC can help you measure feedback from your customers, whether it is basic demographic tracking, satisfaction with the experience, or issues related to capital improvements, pricing, competition, marketing, or economic impact. This information is critical to giving you the intelligence you need to make adjustments, streamline your operations, and improve customer satisfaction and repeat visits.

As the Snowsports industry leader, we have cultivated extensive databases with rich information about active skiers and snowboarders in the US, including geographic residence, demographics, equipment type and ability level, regions where they take trips, days of participation per season, ticket type used, and other participation patterns of interest. These databases allow us to benchmark your performance against industry norms for satisfaction, operational, or financial metrics; these comparisons can uncover insights into how you stack up against the rest of the industry.


One key growth area for many mountain resorts is summer activities, including built attractions, special events, and festivals. We can help you answer important questions related to summer visitation, such as: What types of activities/attractions have the greatest chance of success? What is the impact of various special summer events (quantifying ROI, impact in the broader community, and long-term repeat visits)? What is the cross-over between winter visitors and summer visitors?

Good intelligence related to summer business is key to harnessing the potential of this season, and RRC Associates can provide the insight you need to take the greatest advantage of that opportunity.

Strategic Initiatives

Throughout our work in mountain communities, we have experience helping to evaluate and quantify many other issues, including market dynamics, ticket and pass pricing, new product offerings, competition, workforce housing, airport guarantee programs, private clubs, and others. The information gathered and analyzed can be used in strategic plans and pricing models, to name a few. Do you have a thorny issue that would be easier to solve with some good data? We can provide that data along with the insights and recommendations to maximize its value.