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Cities & Municipalities

Cities, Counties and Urban Districts

RRC has helped dozens of cities and towns better understand the needs and perceptions of their citizens, visitors and stakeholders. We do deep dive research into critically important areas including:

  • Resident perceptions and priorities
  • Economic vitality and business sentiments
  • Affordable housing
  • Transportation and access issues
  • Comprehensive plans
  • Density and growth management
  • Visitor profiles and perceptions

Smart local leaders know that listening and responding to their citizens, businesses and visitors is critical to maintaining healthy local economies and a strong quality of life. RRC has decades of experience in measuring and interpreting community feedback data to inform smart decision making and strategic planning. Here are a few areas where we excel.

Resident Surveys

Our team has completed dozens of community surveys to gauge resident sentiments toward city services, amenities, growth, tourism, housing, transportation and other key issues. RRC provides a thorough and objective assessment of how your citizens assess the state of your community and where they want it to go in the future.

Affordable Housing

As housing prices continue to soar and low to middle income workers get pushed further and further from their jobs, communities feel the impact. RRC founder, Chris Cares, has decades of experience in housing studies. He is a recognized expert at researching community need and market impacts of affordable housing programs. Chris and his team have helped cities as diverse as Aspen and Oklahoma City understand their housing market and its relationship to the local workforce and a sustainable economy.

Comprehensive Planning

Cities and counties across the U.S. develop comprehensive plans to ensure the future direction and growth of their communities reflects the values and priorities of their citizens. RRC develops statistically valid research programs to gauge and report on where a community is and where its residents want to go. We employ scientific survey methods, focus groups, open houses and open link feedback to provide leaders a complete and objective report on citizen priorities. Our senior team prepares written reports and presents research results to planning commissions, city councils and public meetings as the needs of each community dictate.

User Intercept Surveys

Through his two decades of downtown management experience, RRC’s CEO Sean Maher knows what it takes to build and sustain a thriving urban district that works for both locals and visitors. One critical tool is the User Intercept Survey that RRC developed and refined in downtown Boulder and the Cherry Creek North districts in Colorado. This innovative research tool provides a complete profile of who is using the district and how. Where they came from, how they got there and how they rate their experience on everything from shopping to parking to safety. A well planned and executed User Survey lets you identify high value customer segments and pinpoint the best channels to reach them along with the most effective messaging. It can also inform smart strategies on everything from the price of parking to tenant recruitment and which zip codes and media channels are the best choices to invest marketing dollars.