Aspen, Colorado

Economic Impact of Skiing in Colorado

Skiers in chairlift

RRC conducted this research for Vail Resorts and Colorado Ski Country USA. The study found that Colorado’s ski industry generates $4.8 billion in annual economic output, supports more than 46,000 year-round equivalent jobs, and generates $1.9 billion per year in labor income within Colorado, including direct and secondary effects.

The study also quantified skiing’s share of the state’s tourism and recreation industry, and its sizeable share of the employment and tax base in Colorado’s mountain regions. The research documented the demographics and trip characteristics of Colorado ski visitors, and profiled various operational characteristics of the ski resort sector in Colorado.

This RRC research was the first update on the economic impact of Colorado skiing in almost 20 years and garnered significant national publicity for the powerful impacts of the ski industry on state economies. It has been a valuable resource for ski industry representatives to inform and engage the public and decision makers.

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