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Who We Are


RRC was founded in 1983 by Nolan Rosall, Peter Remmen and Chris Cares (RRC). These three came from diverse backgrounds but shared a passion for cutting edge research and providing unmatched insights to clients. Their fledgling firm quickly established a reputation for outstanding results in the ski industry and became the “go to” research partner for leading resorts including Vail, Steamboat, Aspen and many others.

The reputation for objective and innovative research for ski resorts soon led to working with mountain towns and counties on issues ranging from affordable housing to regional transportation and air service. Expertise in skiing also translated well to other tourism areas and RRC is now a trusted research partner for DMOs across the country.

In the nearly 40 years since we started, RRC has continued to grow and expand its scope of work. Today we continue to be the dominant research partner to the ski industry serving resorts and ski towns as well as the leading state and national industry organizations. We have continued to grow our work in the broader DMO/tourism sector as well as parks, recreation, affordable housing, air service and community planning. We have completed over 800 projects in 42 states and Canada for both public and private sector clients. After years of research and consulting across these diverse areas, we have the experience and expertise to produce top quality results for your next project and look forward to working with you to meet your objectives.