Aspen, Colorado

The Grand Profile

Grand County, Colorado

RRC Associates worked with Grand County, CO and the Winter Park & Fraser Chamber of Commerce to create a data-driven community profile for the Grand County region. The goal was to create a single source of information that could be used to understand and market the economic opportunities in the County and the six incorporated towns with its borders.

RRC used numerous methods of both primary and secondary research to collect data on visitors, residents, businesses, infrastructure, lodging and real estate. Specifically, RRC conducted surveys to profile tourists, residents, employers and employees. The research showed clearly how these segments of the community play a role in both the challenges and opportunities in dealing with transportation (transit services), workforce housing, development initiatives and tourism.

The information serves a variety of needs at the County level, but also to benefit the towns (including Winter Park, Fraser and Granby) and other stakeholders. A key outcome of the project was the creation of an accessible database that can be updated easily and readily used by stakeholders for a variety of purposes. The practical success of the Grand Profile is instructive of the power of research and data to ground decision-making at the regional level.

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