Aspen, Colorado

Breckenridge Tourism Research

RRC Associates has been working with the Breckenridge Tourism Office continuously since 2002 to track visitor profiles, behavior, satisfaction and economic impacts. This allows the BTO to make data-driven decisions that maximize their investment in marketing and managing tourism in both the winter and summer seasons. In 2017, we began a new effort to track local resident perceptions on the impacts and benefits of tourism so the BTO could be responsive to their community. RRC works with the Breckenridge Tourism Office to measure and track visitor profiles, behavior, customer satisfaction, as well as special events-related topics, using intercept and lodging post-visit survey techniques.

In summer 2014, we incorporated new tools to the summer research to better understand visitor motivations and experience including videos of “prototypical” visitors to connect statistical quantitative data to actual visitor experiences. The goal was to gain more in-depth understanding and to develop programs and strategies that are responsive to visitor desires.

More recently, we have incorporated Online Dashboards using Tableau that allow BTO to Together, the different elements of the study generated Visitor Profile information, helping to measure the overall experience and to inform future decisions. RRC’s efforts with the BTO have continued in winter and summer through 2019.

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