Breckenridge, Colorado

Visit Sun Valley Survey Highlights

RRC Associates recently completed a survey for Wood River Valley indicating that a larger percentage of local residents are noting declines in quality of life more so than the part-time residents. Visit Sun Valley commissioned the survey, which drew slightly over 1,400 responses from a random sample of residents and seasonal residents, and was then opened to the larger community.

The quality-of-life opinions were based on 18 factors compiled by RRC. Factors included: access to outdoor activities and experiences, small town/sense of community, quality of recreation facilities and programs, local events and festivals, vibrant/high energy community, and arts/culture/entertainment.

A “small town/sense of community” was the top priority of all those surveyed. “Going forward, it will be important to understand what residents mean by this,” states RRC’s survey report summary.

The highest-rated challenges identified for local leaders included: water scarcity, a shortage of obtainable housing and overcrowding from tourism.

RRC Associates conducts tailored research and analysis for communities across the country.

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