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Vail Winter Guest Survey Results Presented at Recent Vail Town Council Meeting

RRC Associates Founder and Managing Director Chris Cares reviewed the Vail winter survey results with the Vail Town Council at their July 19th meeting. RRC Associates conducted post-visit surveys with about 1,150 guests during the 2021-22 ski season that show Vail still rates highly as a destination, but guests are concerned about rising prices and parking issues.

The Net Promoter Score, a standard measurement of guest satisfaction, showed that 73% of guests gave Vail a 9 or 10 on the survey, which means those people are “promoters.” Skier visits increased significantly over the 2020-21 season, but there were fewer Epic Pass holders among that group. In addition, 65% of surveyed guests see Vail as a “green” resort and an environmentally-friendly town, and the town’s transit system was rated positively with 55% of guests using it. Cares also said there are concerns among guests regarding inflation, problematic survey scores for guest service and business staffing, and other issues.

RRC Associates is currently surveying Vail summer visitors and conducts visitor research across the country year-round.

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