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Tourism Research Supports Optimism for Proposed Montana-Wide Ski Pass

RRC Associates’ Jeremy Sage, Director of Tourism and Visitor Research, was recently mentioned in an article regarding research he completed in 2019 while working for the Institute of Tourism and Recreation Research. The article, which appeared in the Helena Independent Record, proposed the idea of a Montana-wide ski pass. The article stated there is a good chance this ski pass would work financially due to trends documented in the report Sage completed.

The report showed skiing was booming in Montana and this positive trajectory in skier visits has been occurring for three decades and continues after Covid.

Montanans usually spend about $300 as a group when skiing and nonresidents spend more than $1,600 per trip. Also, 43% of ski trips are made by nonresidents who are usually known to spend a lot. According to the article, the proposed Montana-wide ski pass may encourage skiers to visit more ski areas and spend more money.

RRC Associates conducts economic research in ski communities throughout the US.

Helena Independent Record Article

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