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RRC Study Shows Short-Term Rentals Help Summit County Mountain Towns

A new study by RRC Associates and Inntopia for the Western Mountain Resort Alliance found that short-term rentals (STRs) in Summit County (in Colorado) generate significant economic contributions and are unlikely to contribute to a notable increase in housing prices. The STRs also support small businesses and have more diverse options for accommodations.

“This study confirms that short-term rentals play a valuable role in sustaining our mountain communities,” said Western Mountain Resort Alliance president Scott Blackwood. “We remain committed to working with stakeholders to ensure responsible growth and a vibrant tourism industry that benefits everyone.”

The report concluded:

  • In 2022, short-term rentals generated $1.7 billion in visitor spending, which supported nearly 7,693 jobs and generated $103 million in local and state tax revenue.
  • Overnight visitors staying in short-term rentals supported 28% of Summit County’s total jobs.
  • Short-term rental guests spent an average of $607 per stay on lodging, restaurants, shops, and activities.
  • Short-term rentals offer accommodation options that cater to different budgets, group sizes, and travel styles, which draws visitors who might not otherwise visit Summit County.
  • The study determined short-term rentals didn’t increase housing prices from 2018 to 2022.
  • Short-term rentals generate more economic activity and funding for affordable housing than traditional second homes.

Report recommendations include:

  • Develop regulations using collaborative engagement between property owners, residents, and visitors.
  • Use comprehensive research and analysis to set policy.
  • Create a fair and transparent permitting process that’s easy for property owners to navigate.
  • Focus on responsible management practices to control noise, regulate parking, and vet guests.


RRC conducts STR research around US

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