Breckenridge, Colorado

RRC Associates Presents Vail Community Survey Results

RRC Associates’ Founder and Managing director, Chris Cares, recently presented the Vail Town Council with a high-level overview of the extensive data from Vail’s Community Survey. The biannual survey, conducted in Vail by RRC Associates for more than 20 years, helped prioritize areas needing improvement as well as highlighting successes. Residents particularly wanted to see improvements to Vail’s housing, parking, and relationship with Vail Resorts. Residents were asked how Vail handled the COVID-19 pandemic, receiving favorable responses on precautions, information, and addressing health and economic needs. However, Cares said COVID-19 likely impacted many satisfaction ratings on other issues, as it has in other communities.

Cares stated that “the [resident’s] comments are really rich, and I think that’s one of the things that distinguishes the survey you do…and provides an opportunity for the community to engage.” Cares added, “I think your history of repeated studies like this and you providing this opportunity for input sets you apart…” RRC Associates conducts customized community survey research across the U.S.

The article is featured in Vail Daily.

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