Breckenridge, Colorado

How are Mountain Travelers Feeling About Visiting Your Destination?

RRC Associates recently completed a national survey of over 35,000 active mountain travelers — summer visitors, second homeowners, skiers, and snowboarders — asking about travel intentions and concerns for this summer and the coming winter. RRC partnered with over a dozen ski areas, DMOs, towns, and other entities to distribute the survey to travelers in June and July of 2020.

The results of the survey showed remarkable positivity, with large majorities interested in traveling in general, and mountain destinations as the #1 desired location for travel. Respondents feel comfortable with dispersed outdoor recreation, taking a road trip, skiing/snowboarding at a ski area, and dining outdoors at a restaurant. Concerns include air travel, indoor spaces, and staying in a hotel. These results provide guidance for resorts and towns with information about what potential travelers want, expect, and desire.

For the coming winter, many skiers and snowboarders anticipate changing their travel plans, though many are unsure as to exactly how. The uncertainty speaks to the fluid nature of the pandemic and the wait-and-see attitude that is leading to much shorter booking lead times than ever before. However, the resilience of the survey participants is encouraging for this coming winter season.

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