Breckenridge, Colorado

Colorado’s independent ski areas 2021-22 season is among best seasons ever

RRC Associates research for National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) indicate Colorado’s independent ski areas 2021-22 season is among the best seasons ever. Skiers and visitors are enjoying value and smaller crowds at Colorado’s independent resorts.

This trend began before the pandemic, but the pandemic accelerated it. Skiers like the smaller resorts with the old-school vibe and unique experiences, spending less money on ski passes, and other perks like free parking and fewer capacity restrictions. Some of Colorado’s independent ski resorts have seen substantial season pass sales increases and revenue increases.

RRC Associates collects annual skier visit data and research for NSAA. RRC Associates is a big player in the ski data research industry and has conducted substantial research for NSAA and Colorado Ski Country for many years, as well as for many of Colorado’s independent ski areas.

Read the full article by Jason Blevins on The Colorado Sun.


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