RRC Associates Team

Sarah Levin


Based in Carbondale, Colorado, Sarah is an Associate at RRC with expertise in snowsports research.  Leveraging her experience as a marketing data & analytics manager for outdoor brands, she excels at using an analytical perspective to pull actionable insights from extensive datasets. Her proficiency in interpreting multifaceted data sets is complemented by her data story-telling skills, empowering her to turn client objectives into data-driven deliverables.

At RRC, Sarah is involved with the snowsports sector where she specializes in the intersection of ski resorts and mountain community research.

Sarah holds a Biology and Psychology bachelor’s degree from the University of Denver. Living in the Roaring Fork Valley, she takes advantage of the access to outdoor adventures. In her free time, she loves to ski, float on the many rivers of the Roaring Fork Valley, and explore the Elk Mountains with her friends.

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