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About The Mountain Traveler Sentiment Survey

About The Mountain Traveler Sentiment Survey

The Mountain Traveler Sentiment Survey (MTSS) is a customer intelligence research project intended to document visitation patterns and future plans of mountain travelers, including both summer and winter visitors.

RRC Associates created and launched Wave 1 of the survey initiative in June 2020 as a pro-bono project to benefit decision makers at ski resorts, DMO’s, local governments and other entities. It is intended that the information can be used for greater clarity and better outcomes during the uncertainty of the coronavirus.

Wave 2 of the MTSS was emailed to a large group of skiers and snowboarders in September 2020 to assess their preparations, adjustments, and receptivity to potential modifications to skiing at a resort this winter. The survey received over 20,000 responses from all corners of the U.S. and provides unique insight to what skiers and snowboarders are expecting for the 2020/21 season.
Some of the overall highlights of the most recent wave of the study include:

  • One of the biggest concerns of skiers is simply whether ski resorts will be able to stay open all winter.
  • Obviously, resorts have been preparing to address that issue, but maintaining focus on staying open all winter will be critical.
  • Most skiers are very likely to go skiing this winter, though planning for overnight trips will be closer to the time of travel than normal.
  • Skiers are generally okay with wearing face coverings at ski resorts but are not generally supportive of making reservations either to park or to ski.

See below for graphic examples of data from the Wave 2 report:

Graph with MTSS Data

Graph of MTSS Data


If you would like more information about the results or have any questions about the study, please contact Dave Belin at