Understand the Local Impacts of Vacation Rentals

While short-term rentals have affected destinations for years, their proliferation and resulting impacts on local economies, housing markets and tax revenues have grown sharply in the wake of Covid shutdowns. With a team of experts in tourism and local economics, RRC has become the go-to resource for city and county governments in assessing the positive as well as negative impacts of STRs. We utilize both primary and secondary research tools to measure STR trends and the resulting changes in local and regional economies.

Tap RRC Expertise
When requested, the RRC team can also tap our decades of experience in tourism and housing research to provide consulting assistance in the management of STR policies and, where needed, mitigation of their impacts. Some areas where our team has expertise include lodging tax policies, licensing, fee revenues, code enforcement and local restrictions.

From Research to Results
We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs around STR research and develop a scope of work to provide the critical information you need. With essential local research and consulting from RRC, your team can manage STRs with a balanced approach that benefits residents, visitors and your local economy.

Some of our current and recent clients for STR research include: