red_sky_ranchReal Estate Market Feasibility

Understanding the potential for and interest in residential real estate purchase, particularly for the second home market, is vital to the success of a real estate project. RRC Associates can help you understand the preferences of likely buyers, including unit size, anticipated usage, desired in-unit features, common amenities, and other considerations. Quantifying the true depth of the market and providing strategic buyer intelligence will give your development the best chance for success.

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Affordable Housing

RRC Associates is a recognized leader in the field of affordable housing research and analysis. We frequently conduct primary and secondary research on behalf of local governments, housing agencies, and others in support of housing needs assessments, housing policy and regulation development, affordable housing planning, and related projects.

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SteamBoatC2Private Clubs

Surveys of private club members are an important way to take the pulse of the membership, particularly for potentially contentious issues like capital investment, public access, dues and fees, and other tradeoffs unique to private clubs. RRC Associates studies and documents private club members’ preferences and opinions for a variety of clubs nationally, providing the strategic knowledge for management and board members to make the right decisions for the club.

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Waterview-map-portait-2010_2012-area_1_and_2GIS Services and Planning

RRC Associates has considerable experience in a variety of land use planning disciplines, including economic and fiscal impact assessment, GIS mapping and analysis, market feasibility assessment, and related areas. We work on a regular basis with cities, counties, and private developers on both residential and non-residential planning projects.