Photo: Richard Haro

We take a custom approach to each project, leveraging our experience to determine the best methodology for each client. Rather than using a standard template approach, we carefully listen to your objectives and desired outcomes from the project, consider the resources and limitations, and design a research methodology that is customized to each client. We recognize that different types of methodologies have tradeoffs, and we strive to balance the relevant factors to achieve representative and actionable results.

We place a high value on the quality of the research, from the initial design of the project, the sample frame, the design of the questions, and the monitoring of results. Our attention to detail and extensive experience in selecting the right tools for the job are what distinguishes RRC Associates.

As a third-party firm, we bring a level of objectivity to complex issues and topics.

Our approach results in data that answers your questions and gives you the intelligence you need to make informed decisions.

Some of our techniques include the following: