Depending on the project, our research results can be presented as quickly as real-time, providing you the most current information so that you can react quickly. Our live, interactive dashboard tool gives clients the ability to filter and segment results and take quick action to resolve a problem or issue.

Often, deliverables for our research programs include weekly or monthly results in a Tableau format and an end of season report in a Power Point format.

Here is an example of a Tableau dashboard that is representative of some of our deliverables.

Beyond merely collecting research data, our firm specializes in helping our clients understand what the numbers mean. We frequently distill the most critical findings into an easy-to-read narrative report format, with colorful graphs and charts visually presenting the key information from the research. In-person presentation of the results is also a typical deliverable for many clients. Other deliverables could include detailed spreadsheets, statistical tables, verbatim comments from respondents, maps, charts, and other methods of presenting information.