Event visitor mix Vail

One key distinction of event attendees is whether they are local residents or overnight visitors. As shown in the graph above, certain events are more effective in attracting overnight visitors to Vail than others.

RRC Associates has conducted special events research on behalf of the Town of Vail to better understand the economic impact, visitor profile, and visitor satisfaction with Town-funded special events occurring in Vail.  Utilizing intercept research and economic data, RRC evaluated 30 special events occurring in Vail through spring, summer, fall and winter 2012, including team and individual sports events, concert series, arts / entertainment / food festivals, and various other types of events.

In 2013, with the addition of new events and a community desire to understand how many visitors were actually attending each event, RRC’s role expanded from survey-based analysis to also include counting and estimating event attendance.  This comprehensive effort was designed to provide the Town of Vail and various events planning groups in Vail with a more accurate and systematic understanding of the number and profile of attendees and the economic contributions of events.

Event expenditures Vail

Understanding the expenditure patterns of event attendees is essential in documenting the economic impact of individual events.

The Vail community recognizes these events as a source of economic benefit and community vitality.  RRC has helped put this effort on a solid factual foundation by gathering and evaluating key event performance metrics.