Firm Founding

nolan-rosall1Rosall Remmen and Cares (RRC) was founded in 1983 by three senior team members from Gage Davis and Associates (GDA): Nolan Rosall, Peter Remmen and Chris Cares.  GDA was a well-established Boulder planning firm with particular experience in the resort industry and ski clients that included Vail, Copper Mountain, Winter Park and Steamboat.  In the early years in Boulder, GDA shared office space with Everett, Ziegel, Tumpes and Hand (the firm that became OZ Architecture), and had offices on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, and later on Spruce Street.  Subsequently, the Rosall Remmen and Cares team shared office space with Jeff Winston and Winston Associates (again on Pearl Street), another Boulder firm that was formed by personnel from GDA.  Over a period of years during the late 1980s and through the 1990s, there was considerable overlap between professional staff and project assignments between several of the Boulder planning  and architectural firms, resulting in collaborative efforts and a number of successful planning projects.

RRC’s early work drew upon Nolan Rosall’s experience as Planning Director in Boulder in the 1970s, as well as the design and planning skills of Peter Remmen and Chris Cares.  Remmen, an architect and urban planner, brought strong land planning and design capabilities to the team and the partnership resulted in plans for a number of residential and commercial land plans.  Together, the firm’s principals worked with a variety of municipalities and private sector clients, combining services in land planning with comprehensive plans, municipal code writing, entitlements and other aspects of community planning.

Research and Resorts

IMG_0024At the same time, Cares and Rosall were working with a few of the largest Colorado mountain resorts to incorporate visitor survey research techniques into the marketing efforts of the resorts.  Using their experience in planning, the RRC staff was able to assist the resorts in collecting visitor data that could be used for a variety of purposes, ranging from transportation and “people moving” decisions, to resort design and layout, to visitor demographics and psychographics, to marketing.  The use of these types of information by the resort companies and communities was relatively new at the time, and it was embraced enthusiastically by leaders at many of the resorts that were experiencing rapid growth.  The data and insights helped the resorts to refine their planning and marketing.  Further, RRC’s philosophy of encouraging collaboration between the public (municipalities) and private (ski resort company) sectors helped in the sharing of actionable data for mutual advantage in towns like Vail, Breckenridge, Steamboat Springs and Aspen.

The use of data for decision-making became a cornerstone of the RRC planning practice and over the next decade the firm grew with new clients and a diverse geographic practice that included resorts throughout North America.  New staff was hired with an eye towards expanding firm capabilities, and in addition to planners, RRC staff grew to include diverse disciplines including a geographer (Mike Simone), a psychologist (Nate Fristoe) and MBAs (David Becher and Dave Belin).  All are still with the firm today.  RRC’s work expanded to include extensive work with the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA), Colorado Ski Country USA, and other trade organizations in the fields of tourism and recreation.

Recent History

RRC-logo-102813-mediumIn 2008 RRC was purchased by STR, the world’s leader in hospitality benchmarking.  STR, based in Hendersonville, Tennessee, works with hotel properties to gather and report data on occupancy and performance to a wide variety of clients including hotel owners/operators, consultants and Wall Street.  From 2008 to 2013 RRC contributed research and analytical capabilities to STR as a part of a family of companies that serve the hospitality industry.

In late October, 2013 the senior team from RRC repurchased the firm from STR.  This business transaction allows RRC to focus on the areas of recreation and tourism that are of greatest interest to the firm’s principals and staff, and will allow the firm to grow with clients providing mutually rewarding services.